Posted by: sarahbonanno | August 11, 2010

Getting The Basics Right

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Australians are no strangers to this fantastic concept but, Resort360 Vacation Club made its international debut in 2005 and has, already, attracted the attention of many experienced business entrepreneurs from around the globe. Roger Stutter, a former airline captain, has turned to internet/network marketing to create this very successful business campaign and has hit the floor running! Resort360 has, quickly, become one of the top home-based businesses, internationally.

We see a lot of ideas on the internet, these days, promoting things such as weight loss pills, herbal remedies and a whole list of other products and services that, simply put, fall short of delivering their promised results. With Resorts360, you can be rest assured that you are signing up with a top-notch company with remarkable value and services for its members that are very marketable! The product package and opportunities are just remarkable – the time is NOW to begin your new career with a company, such as this, backing you every step of the way.

In today’s economy, people are more careful about what they spend their time, effort and money on. The great thing about this is that people will always travel but, now- more than ever – people are seeking out attractive travel packages and fabulous discounts to book their next vacation.

Running any home-based business takes dedication, organization, commitment and a passion for what you do. Education and training are the keys to any successful business venture and both are top-notch with Resort360 in the fact that teams work together to educate and learn from one another’s experiences. Resort360 Vacations provide you with all of the tools you need in order to build your very own online empire.

Sarah is a successful entrepreneur and an established member of Resort360 who works from the comfort of her home with her family close at hand. Sarah mentors each and every new member that signs up with her through the program.

Hear what she has to say:

I coach each new member through a program which is supplied by the company, but then, I add all my own experience to individualize the program to the team member. The coaching is not a compulsory part of this business- most people sell the membership and then guide new members through a setup; an education program designed by the company. I like to think of myself as more of a mentor, rather than a teacher.

I prefer to spend the necessary time with each new member so that they, too, can be earning a perpetual income, as soon as possible, and maximize their potential. I do restrict the number of members I train per month. This way, each new member will receive a more personalized training. I have tried multiple marketing strategies, so my experience proves to be of great value to help increase the effectiveness of new member advertising.

Despite the economic pressure that we are facing, the travel business is a multi-billion dollar industry and is continuing to grow with every passing day. Resort360 offers travel options for exotic places, as well as, extremely remote locations and people know that it pays to shop around for the best packages and discounts. With destinations available at nearly 5000 resorts in almost 90 countries to choose from over a (more than) 100,000 live weeks period at incredibly discounted, members-only, rates – It’s easy to see why this is a great package opportunity to promote and create a high-yielding business venture from the comfort of your own home!

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