Posted by: sarahbonanno | August 19, 2010

Standing Out In a Crowd

Travel is the single largest e-commerce category on the internet – says CNN Money. According to a study conducted by Forrester Research, more than half of the people booking their travels do so online, and that equals out to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 50% of ALL online spending. WOW! Someone had the right idea when this concept hit the world by storm and leveled the playing ground for travel agencies around the globe.

Now, ‘Travel’ is ranked at the top of all selling niches on the internet and you have the opportunity to ride the waves of success along with the others that have discovered the many rewards of owning their own business with the backing of Resorts360; The Travel Club that will lead us into the next century of booking online and discovering the many benefits of having your own Home-Based Business!

So, you may be asking yourself, “How is signing up with THIS company a better choice than other Direct Sales Companies?” Good question…Let me just take a moment to lay out a comparison so that you can, easily, see what has sky-rocketed Resorts360 above the rest:

~Resorts360 Members have the option to search over 100,000 units, online- in real time- affording them the opportunity to, actually, know what to expect upon arrival at their resort of choice. Unlike other online travel sites, Resorts360 Members have over 100,000 vacation weeks available them at any one time! No other Direct Sales Company can say that!

~Some exclusive features, available only to Resorts360 Members, include direct access to the very largest databases in the entire world when it comes to Discounted Resort Condo Vacations. This allows Members to book the vacations of their dreams – all at an affordable price that includes impeccable service, high-standard amenities (and plenty of them), various activities to enjoy and even a concierge service to make your stay that much more of a relaxed one.

~You can book all of your travel needs, instantly, online or even reserve several different properties, simultaneously, for up to 24 hours. The Resort Booking Service utilizes the largest timeshare vacation exchange networks across the globe – complete with live feeds that are updated every minute…Talk about current and vivid information at your fingertips!


~Resorts360 Memberships are available at stunning rates that timeshare owners can only be envious of…and come along with even greater privileges for a fraction of the cost that they pay! Timeshare owners are required to pay taxes between $500.00 and $1,000.00 every single year, as well as, maintenance fees that add up to equal about the same as a single week’s stay, for them! The real bummer for timeshare owners is that, for most of them, they are limited to 1 – 2 weeks per year!

Just compare that to Resorts360, whereas, the Resort weeks are UNLIMITED for its Members. On top of all of that…Resorts360 even provides its Members with UNLIMITED Guest Weeks for your business associates, family and friends. Imagine giving an entire vacation away to them this next holiday or celebration!

The bottom line is this:

Resorts360 has access to resorts that are not even available on many of the online travel sites that are very well known for booking discount travel and vacation packages. When you compare the exact same stays between Resorts360,,,, etc…, a noticeable savings (40% -75%) is evident.

An exclusive agreement between Resorts360 and one of the largest Travel Suppliers in the country allows the delivery of unparalleled products and services to their Members with a Best Price GUARANTEE!!! Home-Based Businesses, the Internet and Travel – three of the top trends, today are what Resorts360 encompasses. With this, you are looking at high value at a very low cost, a marketable business coupled with a very simplistic training program and even a mentor that will not only assist you throughout the set-up and training process but, will remain with you even after you have spread your wings and are out flying on your own!

People are relying on the internet more and more and are taking advantage of the ease of access and convenience that booking travel online brings. Now is the time to get your Home-Based Business off the ground. Don’t wait another moment to start making money on the net. Experience the benefits of owning your own Home-Based Business and start making money now with your new Resorts360 Membership.

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