Posted by: sarahbonanno | September 20, 2010

Letters to Sarah

This month, we launched a new campaign called “Letters to Sarah”. Whenever you visit any one of Resort360 Resorts or affiliated Cruises Lines, we invite you to submit your ‘letter’ to Sarah. Tell us where your travels take you, what activities you decided to partake in and how things went. We want to know what your vacation memories are and would love to hear your feedback on the Resort360 Resort or Cruise of your choice.

Each month, one Member will be chosen from the entries and have their story highlighted in that months newsletter and on both of my blogs. Winners will be contacted via the email address provided from the winning entry. All rights to entry submissions via email for ‘Letters to Sarah’ are to be transferred to Sarah Bonanno upon receipt.

Since Resorts360 Travel Club has Members and resort locations all around the globe, this should be quite interesting to hear everyone’s vacation and travel stories. I can only imagine what some of the stories will be like that we are going to be getting in from you guys and gals! Don’t be shy. Drop me a line and tell me about your adventures and memorable moments from your next vacation. Whether you are basking in the sun or chartering a fishing boat with your entire family or skiing the slopes looking to kindle a little romance in your life – I would love to hear about it!

I have already started receiving letters and, although all of them are very interesting, there are some that are especially compelling to read through. I must say that you all seem to be having a great time and enjoying your travels. Please, keep the letters coming in. I just love hearing about all of the Hot-Air Balloon rides, beachside stories, fishing tales, family events and even the steamy romance tales!

So, whether you are taking a vacation with the family or on your own, take a moment to jot down your story and email it over to me. You can put it all into one email or spread your story out over several of them. Have some pictures of your vacation that you would like to share? Just include them along with your entry and you never know…you may just end up seeing them up on the blog and if your entry is selected as one of the winning submissions, watch for them in our newsletter where your story will be featured for that month’s ‘Letters to Sarah’ winner.

If you’re trying to decide on your next vacation destination, reading through some of the entries may be beneficial in making your decision. The ‘Letters to Sarah’ campaign is just another way for Resorts360 Travel Club Members to share their experiences with one another and keep communication efforts between us open. What better way to find out about a particular resort before booking your next vacation is there than by hearing about other peoples’ experiences during their vacation there?

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