Posted by: sarahbonanno | September 20, 2010

Oprah in Australia

On September 9th, 2010, Oprah Winfrey waltzed onto the stage of Harpo Studios and had some fun with the 300 hand-picked studio audience members. Knowing how generous Oprah has proven to be in the past, everyone there was clearly on the edge of their seat in anticipation of what she was planning. After all, this was the Premier Show for Oprah’s final season and each audience member had been personally contacted with a request from Oprah, herself, to attend.

Oh...Please, tell me I'm not dreaming!

She had them screaming, shouting and hugging one another within the first five words out of her mouth…and that was before she had even told them what the plan was! Oprah smiled a genuine smile and began: “You are all so loyal – We call you ‘The Ultimate’. You have all been on this wild ride with me every step of the way – and for that, I have deep, heartfelt gratitude to you all…to those of you in this audience and those of you in the audience at home.”

Oprah then began to taunt them with suggestions of taking a trip with her to Philadelphia, Los Angeles and even, New York. The audience went nuts when she hinted at the idea of traveling to the ‘Big Apple’ but, then she really got them excited when she told them that she wanted to think BIGGER. Winfrey said, “So, I started to think about where I would most want to go…” and they lost it! You could see the light bulbs going off in their heads when they began to realize that they were going to be traveling somewhere far away with Oprah Winfrey!!!

Oh...No She Didn't

I Call Shot-Gun

“Maybe, I should take you all with me to the other side of the world!!! We’re going to AUSTRALIA”, Oprah shouted above a roaring crowd. Everyone was on their feet jumping up and down with so much excitement that they seemed to have barely noticed the enormous mock-up of a Quantas Airline Jet rolling onto the stage right next to ‘The Queen’.

'Eye Candy' at Your Service

Winfrey raised her arm to direct everyone’s attention towards the jet door and requested the pilot to come out so the audience could see who will be flying them to ‘The World Down Under’ come this December. Tears began to fall and there were some women in the audience that looked as if they were going to faint at any moment when one of the sexiest men alive emerged through that door. John Travolta fitted to the nines in his pilot uniform – complete with the ‘Captains Hat’ and a salute – stepped onto the stage and boy, did he look yummy! Oprah says, “He’s flown there (Australia) many times and we have been secretly plotting…planning this trip of a lifetime, for almost a year with everyone at Tourism Australia. They are ready to roll out the red carpet for all 300 of us!”

You and You and You are Going to Australia!

Come this December, all 300 guests, Oprah and what must be the hottest pilot on the face of the earth, John Travolta, himself, will head to the other side of the world – Australia – for 8 days and 7 nights. From the gorgeous beaches and spectacular vineyards, the ‘awe-inspiring’ Great Barrier Reef to the legendary Sydney Harbor, Oprah’s lucky audience members will experience it all. To culminate the end of this Ultimate eight day adventure (a once-in-a-lifetime Oprah Winfrey Show), the Sydney Opera House has agreed to open its doors and welcome the taping to be done there – and just for the occasion, Tourism Australia is renaming it ‘Sydney Oprah House’!

Thank You, Tourism Australia

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