Posted by: sarahbonanno | September 20, 2010

Shhh…It’s My First Time

I haven’t done this before. It’s my first time. I wonder if it will be like I imagine it will be. Eyes looking at me from top to bottom while I’m completely exposed – all vulnerable – I’m just hoping to please the one that covets me. I think I’m ready…No, I KNOW that I am ready. Look out world because here I come!

It is my pleasure to announce the upcoming publication of the very first issue of our Resorts360 Newsletter ‘In the Loop: Silver Edition’. In this newly formatted and uniquely designed newsletter, you will find all of the information that you are used to receiving with your current subscription plus a whole list of new additions and bonus features that will be sure to captivate your interests – Kind of like that first paragraph did!!!

The new Silver Edition will feature all of the articles and valuable information that you are already getting – just delivered to you in a richer design and packed full of various additions and bonus features that were never before seen in the original issues. Some of the new additions and bonus features that you can watch for in the Premiering Issue are:

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~ ‘Letters to Sarah’ – Share your vacation and travel stories via email and enter to win our all new Monthly Member Contest

~ ‘Word of the Day’ – Pick a word to utilize every day for one week & watch how fast your vocabulary grows

~ ‘Brain Exercises’ – Get the ole juices flowing in the attic and give your brain a fun workout

~ ‘Q&A Time’ – A section devoted to answer the most commonly asked questions

~ ‘Just Ask Sarah’ – Sarah answers your questions. Select submissions will be published along with Sarah’s reply. We figure that if there is one person that has a question, there is at least five more with the same.

~ ‘Where’d They Go?” – Each issue will include an article to keep you updated on the whereabouts of that months’ featured person. For the premiering Issue of In the Loop: Silver Edition, Oprah is grabbing headlines!

Watch your inbox. In the Loop: Silver Edition vol.1 (debuting this week) is not going to be an issue that you will want to miss! Now, although the bonus features in the Silver Edition Newsletter are top-secret until the first issue is officially published, I can tell you that there is some pretty nifty stuff in this section – something for everyone! Be sure to email me with your feedback and any suggestions or requests that you may have to help us make the In the Loop: Silver Edition Newsletter more than just an information portal but a newsletter that others will be sure to look to as an example of how the news can be delivered with a little enjoyment and dare I say…perhaps even a bit of humor/fun?!


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