Posted by: sarahbonanno | October 11, 2010

Just Ask Sarah

Welcome to the ‘Mentor Corner’ of our site!  ‘Just Ask Sarah’ is a new concept that we came up with to help keep communication lines open and the wave of information flowing between us.  Members can now submit their questions (or perhaps, some helpful advice of their own to offer up) directly to Sarah and see them published on the website.  Select submissions will be published, along with Sarah’s response, right here under the category ‘Mentoring’ for ease and convenience.

As the submissions and responses come in and are published accordingly, both Members, as well as, those taking a peek through the curtain looking at Resorts360 as a partner with their home-based business will be able to have a better understanding of what all is involved with starting up an online business.  After all, if one person has a question then, there are, surely, more people with the very same question on their mind.

By creating a space where we can publish these for easy access by all, this will, no doubt, bring our Team Members closer together and provide a means to share our knowledge with one another.  Each post will have a ‘Comment’ section available to allow for feedback to be given on each, individual, submission, as well.  All comments go into ‘Moderation’ (due to spam comments, etc) and will be administered within 48hrs time.

Teamwork is what Resorts360 is all about.  Each time that we can find a way to get together with one another is another opportunity knocking at our door.  We will have the opportunity to (1) get our questions answered so that we can get back on track and start making money on the net, (2) Help another Team Member (or even a non-member who’s just checking things out) with his/her question or dilemma – which, actually, helps us in the long-run, too and (3) share tips and tricks with others regarding things such as internet advertising and marketing, tips on various recommended freelancers that can help to get your advertising and marketing campaign off the ground and running smoothly – or even such things as lead-generating tips and tricks that may prove to be very useful!

Whatever your question or suggestion/tip may be, submitting it to ‘Just Ask Sarah’ would be a great way to get involved with your Teammates and start working smarter instead of harder.  Find out what others are doing, how they have tackled the obstacles that you are now facing.  Ask your questions…no question is too petty or small to ask.  Like I mentioned earlier, if you have a question…you can bet your boot-straps that there will be someone else viewing this that has that very same one!  To submit your question or tip, just send me an email at  Please, be sure to place ‘Just Ask Sarah’ in the subject line.

There is, also, a link to ‘Just Ask Sarah’ located within our Monthly Newsletter – ‘In the Loop: Silver Edition’.  If you are not already signed-up to receive our Newsletter and would like to join your fellow Team Members who are receiving the additional benefits that come along with this, you may submit your request to:

Please include the word, “NEWSLETTER” in the subject line of your email to allow for a quicker response.

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