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Brain Exercises Oct 2010

This month, our Resorts360 Member Newsletter, ‘In the Loop’, had a make-over and one of the additions to the new ‘Silver Edition’ series is reserved for some Brain Exercises.  What are Brain Exercises, you ask?  Hmmm…Well, my memory is not so good, these days so, let me just Google the definition of that and I will be right back! (hehehe)

Brain Exercises or Brain Fitness is defined as the capacity of a person to meet the various cognitive demands of life. It is evident in an ability to assimilate information, comprehend relationships, and develop reasonable conclusions and plans. Brain fitness can be developed by formal education, being actively mentally engaged in life, continuing to learn, and exercises designed to challenge cognitive skills.  Healthy lifestyle habits including mental stimulation, physical exercise, good nutrition, stress management, and sleep can improve brain fitness, according to Wikipedia.

As I was skimming through the various websites in search of some fun ways to help stimulate our noggins, I came across (not to be confused with that caught my eye.  This site seems to have it all!

Some of the more popular games on there are:

  • Speed Match
  • Raindrops
  • Birdwatching
  • Lost in Migration
  • Word Bubbles also provides a section at the bottom of the page called “Brain Areas” for you to search for game exercises under the following headings:

This site is packed full of well-organized brain exercise/fitness plans, games and so much more!  They have everything – from assessment tests and personal trainers to a selection of brain training courses that you can choose from via the catalog.  If you just want to pop in and play a game or two while you have a minute, they have a nice little tab – aptly entitled “GAMES” –  just for us quickies!

Why not start today and get those sparks flying in your ‘upstairs’?  There are just so many games, puzzles and various ways to stimulate your brain, nowadays, that I’m sure there must be at least a couple of hand-full’s of them out there that you would enjoy.  I, personally, find that it gives me a bit of a ‘kick-start’ if I complete one of these before I begin my work, for the day.  I suppose it’s kind of like taking a morning jog…except with my brain!

The ‘Brain Exercises’ articles will run in conjunction with our Monthly Newsletter publication.  Be sure to check back next month for some more brainteasers, games and puzzles to get the ole juices flowing!  If you are not already receiving our Resorts360, ‘In the Loop; Silver Edition Newsletter, in your inbox:


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Posted by: sarahbonanno | October 11, 2010

Just Ask Sarah

Welcome to the ‘Mentor Corner’ of our site!  ‘Just Ask Sarah’ is a new concept that we came up with to help keep communication lines open and the wave of information flowing between us.  Members can now submit their questions (or perhaps, some helpful advice of their own to offer up) directly to Sarah and see them published on the website.  Select submissions will be published, along with Sarah’s response, right here under the category ‘Mentoring’ for ease and convenience.

As the submissions and responses come in and are published accordingly, both Members, as well as, those taking a peek through the curtain looking at Resorts360 as a partner with their home-based business will be able to have a better understanding of what all is involved with starting up an online business.  After all, if one person has a question then, there are, surely, more people with the very same question on their mind.

By creating a space where we can publish these for easy access by all, this will, no doubt, bring our Team Members closer together and provide a means to share our knowledge with one another.  Each post will have a ‘Comment’ section available to allow for feedback to be given on each, individual, submission, as well.  All comments go into ‘Moderation’ (due to spam comments, etc) and will be administered within 48hrs time.

Teamwork is what Resorts360 is all about.  Each time that we can find a way to get together with one another is another opportunity knocking at our door.  We will have the opportunity to (1) get our questions answered so that we can get back on track and start making money on the net, (2) Help another Team Member (or even a non-member who’s just checking things out) with his/her question or dilemma – which, actually, helps us in the long-run, too and (3) share tips and tricks with others regarding things such as internet advertising and marketing, tips on various recommended freelancers that can help to get your advertising and marketing campaign off the ground and running smoothly – or even such things as lead-generating tips and tricks that may prove to be very useful!

Whatever your question or suggestion/tip may be, submitting it to ‘Just Ask Sarah’ would be a great way to get involved with your Teammates and start working smarter instead of harder.  Find out what others are doing, how they have tackled the obstacles that you are now facing.  Ask your questions…no question is too petty or small to ask.  Like I mentioned earlier, if you have a question…you can bet your boot-straps that there will be someone else viewing this that has that very same one!  To submit your question or tip, just send me an email at  Please, be sure to place ‘Just Ask Sarah’ in the subject line.

There is, also, a link to ‘Just Ask Sarah’ located within our Monthly Newsletter – ‘In the Loop: Silver Edition’.  If you are not already signed-up to receive our Newsletter and would like to join your fellow Team Members who are receiving the additional benefits that come along with this, you may submit your request to:

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Until Next Time,


Posted by: sarahbonanno | October 11, 2010

Resorts360 FAQ

Product FAQ

What is Resorts360?

Answer: Resorts360 is a private travel club that offers an alternative option to the time-share purchase industry that has been so popular for the past decade. In 2008 alone, this industry accumulated 9.7 Billion dollars in revenue. We know that there are many families and individuals for which that particular model does not work.

Our service is a more “modern” way to provide consumers the savings they desire, while simultaneously keeping the Membership/Subscription price much more affordable.

Question: What types of resorts are available through Resorts360?

Answer: Resorts360 has thousands of 3, 4 and 5 Star resort locations all around the world for you to choose from – including private executive homes!  With so many options available to choose from, you can simply choose a Resorts360 vacation destination and head on over to book your vacation at a very generously discounted rate!

Question: Does the membership include discounts on luxury Cruises?

Answer: YES! With access to all of the major cruising organizations around the world, you can explore the Caribbean, Alaska, Asia, the Mediterranean, plus many more at wholesale prices. Simply choose the cruise search from your member site. We will search through an extensive supply of holiday products to find you the lowest possible cost at the time of booking.

Question: Once I’m a member, how do I book my vacations?

Answer: Your gateway to this world of exciting vacation experiences is through our interactive members-only website, offering you the latest in innovative technologies. Once you’re a member, you will be given a membership ID and password to access the Resorts360 vacation database.

Question: Are there any additional travel costs?

Answer: Airfare is not included in any of our prices. However, you will have the ability to book your own airfare through your exclusive membership back office at the lowest possible rates. Some Resorts have additional ‘All-Inclusive‘ fees that are due when arriving at your destination. All properties that require the “All Inclusive” fees are clearly posted during your vacation search. Spending money and attractions outside your Resort area will cost accordingly.

Question: Do you have customer support?

Answer: Our membership offers an unparalleled level of Corporate Service and Benefits – which has fueled our growth and success. Unlike other travel memberships, our full service customer support/service team has the experience and resources to fulfill our member’s special requests or general inquiries in a timely fashion.

Question: How quickly can I use my membership?

Answer: Your membership will become active immediately after your payment clears.

Question: Who can use the membership?

The registered membership owner, their spouse/significant other and all children living in the same household ages 21 and under can all utilize your Membership Benefits.

Question: Does Resorts360 guarantee its product?

Answer: Yes. All customer are provided with a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee for five (5) days from the original purchase. This is to provide everyone enough time to review what we have to offer to ensure their satisfaction.

Question: How does the Best Package Price Guarantee work?

Answer: Our promise is if you can find the same vacation package for less – we’ll refund 100% of the difference! Further terms and conditions may apply.

Business FAQ

Question: Which membership is the most popular?

Answer: Because of its tremendous value and advantages, the VIP Premium Membership is the most popular membership sold and is where you should get started – especially if you are interested in the business opportunity.

Question: I’m new to affiliate-marketing; will someone show me how to get started with Resorts360 as a business opportunity?

Answer: YES! Because we work as a team, we are not successful unless YOU are successful. Therefore, all Resorts360 members have a vested interest in your success and will take the time to walk you through a simple ‘turn-key’ marketing and training program to get you on the fast track to success.

Question: How do I earn money with Resorts360?

Answer: Each time you refer a new customer who purchases a Resorts360 membership/subscription, you could earn a $100.00 or $1,000.00 commission on your first two sales and up to $200.00 – $2,000.00 on your 3rd sale and beyond. This can happen within your very first week! In addition, you can earn a 25% matching bonus on EACH of your business-builder sales!

Question: How much money can I earn with Resorts360?

Answer: Unlike a regular job where you are trading hours for dollars, there is absolutely NO LIMIT to how much money you can earn with the Resorts360 business opportunity.

With that said however, there is also no guarantee you will earn ANY money with this opportunity. As with any business venture, there are risks and additional marketing investment you must be willing to implement in order to produce results.

Question: What form of payment will I receive?

Answer: There are several options at this time for Associates to be paid. (ie, check, direct deposit, bank wire, etc.) Once you become an Associate, you can choose the method that is best for you right from your back office.

Question: How often are payments sent out?

Answer: We process orders for all sales each Wednesday evening (PST, USA) and commissions are sent out the next day (every Thursday). Wednesday processing represents all sales made for the weeks’ prior business (up to the Friday prior). This is to allow all funds to clear and to cover the rescission period we are required to provide.

Question: How much marketing money do I need to advertise this business?

Answer: There are literally dozens of ways to market this business. Some methods cost more than others, while some methods cost nothing at all. As with any business, the more effort you put in, the more results you’ll get out.

The important thing to remember is to be consistent with whatever marketing budget you have – even if it’s only a few hundred dollars per month. Stick with that amount until your team starts to grow and you can leverage your advertising dollars along with your growing team.

There are several different ways to advertise and market your business online.  Check with your mentor for suggestions on how to get set-up with your own blog, website and other methods of reaching out to potential customers/clients.

Question: Isn’t this just another MLM opportunity?

Answer: NO! Resorts360 is a direct sales business offering minimum commissions of $200.00 to $2,000.00 on EACH referral with no auto-ship program to contend with.

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